MICL’s team cooperates with our international partners (MICL Group) and supports a variety of local industries.
MICL supports the Semiconductor, Military and Microelectronics industries, as well as a wide range of R&D industries. In addition, MICL supports ALL local Academic and Nano Development centers.

MICL provides turn-key solutions within the areas of:

We take pride in providing our customers with the finest quality products, services, and technical assistance. Your purchases are always fully guaranteed.

Our measure of success is your complete satisfaction.

MICL invests a substantial portion of our resources in making certain we remain leaders as we strive to evolve with the changes and demands of the industry to maintain our competitive edge and added value to our customers.

Our applications laboratory and laboratory personnel are available on a complimentary basis to help you determine the best approaches to meet your needs.

We are also pleased to offer samples for product evaluation within your laboratory or production setting.

Our Partners

MICL represent a variety of foreign solution providers in different areas of production, testing, R&D, shipping, storage, and procurement. We take pride in the service we provide and in our dedication to your technology production processes.